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The Greenan Tapes

What seems to be a new ‘viral’ campaign just launched with a Google ad that leads to this site.

It seems to be a promotion for “The Observation Room“, a film by Shep Salusky that pretends to be an educational film by “Western States Continuing Education” supposedly to be “viewed only by mental health professionals including lawyers, physicians, psychologists and certain mental health professionals”. It is referred to as “The Greenan Tapes” on all the other sites, but if you note the cast (?) member named “Terisa Greenan” you start to get the picture.

The film is supposedly ‘real footage’ of therapy session at a therapy clinic showing the therapist ‘ruining the life’ of a patient. It is obviously not a real tape.

The whole marketing ploy around it is a bit lame IMHO… As the login form to view the tapes doesn’t even really submit anywhere, it just executes a JavaScript function which ‘shakes’ the browser window as if to indicate denied access.

I’m writing this post despite this obvious marketing ploy, just because I like independent cinema. But maybe this film’s listing on IMDb is just the first part of a bigger viral campaign? Who knows? ;)

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2 Responses to “The Greenan Tapes”

  1. a byrd Says:

    Dear Rationalist,

    Those devil spawn at Western States have you completely fooled! They tried to make The Greenan Tapes look like a “real” movie so the FBI won’t pound down their door. They even hacked our web site to try to silence us (go ahead and see for yourself.)

    The truth is that The Greenan Tapes do contain real footage of real psychotherapy. They show a doctor attacking his patient (and far worse). No one should see this sort of thing. And no one should be watching it!

    Boycott The Greenan Tapes!

  2. Tal Rotbart Says:

    I approved the above comment, just for the kicks. Obviously also part of the ‘viral’ campaign.

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