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Archive for October, 2006

“Consumer Generated Media”

The “No blogging allowed at “consumer generated media” conference” reported over at Boing Boing via Greg Verdino’s Marketing Blog, really struck a nerve with me. The name itself of course shows that the conference organizers just don’t get it: “Generating Media” makes you a producer, not a consumer… Bookmark to:

Firefox 2.0 – More visible tabs

While I understand the need for adding the left-right arrows on the tab-strip when there are many tabs open, I reckon Firefox 2.0 switches to this solution too quickly which bugged me to bits. Luckily, there’s a fix for that: Go to the Firefox’s ‘behind-the-scenes’ configuration screen by typing ‘about:config’ in the URL bar. Search [...]

Chinese soldiers killing unarmed Tibetan pilgrims

This video and article says it all, via BoingBoing which also covers it in depth. The Chinese government is a disgrace to their people and history. Bookmark to:

“I’m Skype-ing you from just over Iceland”

My father is now flying to the states and we had just finished speaking over Skype just as he was flying over Iceland. He had a chance to try out using the “Connexion by Boeing” Wi-Fi service on his Lufthansa flight. The service is unfortunately being terminated at the end of the year, so this [...]

Migrating blog here

Migrating the blog here. Please mind the gap! The design will fluctuate for a while… My apologies. Bookmark to:

Some small points regarding Firefox 2.0 preview

I have been using it since this morning and overall, Firefox 2.0 preview seems to be an excellent upgrade so far. It feels much faster and very responsive. The session restore feature was hard to find because I was looking for the phrase ‘Session Restore’ in the preferences. However, in FF 2.0 you simply have [...]

When Copywriters Attack!

Found via AdRants. Bookmark to:

Recursive Exporter for Adobe Illustrator

Whether working on my own or with a graphic designer, I believe in the holistic approach to design — you have to see how the design elements interact with each other. Most if not all designers would agree that it is less effective to tweak a widget’s design on its own without the ability to [...]