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eMail subscriptions

You can now subscribe to get new posts by eMail, so you won’t miss an update*!
Just type your eMail address in the text-box to the left and click on ‘Subscribe me!’ button below it.

I should have mentioned this originally, Mike of pointed me in the direction of the feedblitz integration. Thanks Mike!

This is useful to those who do not use a RSS aggregator or know what that is.

4 Responses to “eMail subscriptions”

  1. Mike Says:

    You’re welcome. :)

  2. Tal Rotbart Says:

    You’re right Mike, thanks!

  3. MikeTheMan Says:

    I really wasn’t expecting a whole edit/dedication. The comment area was fine, but if you already edited it…. :)

  4. eli Says:

    as you know i sure need that :)
    thanks Tal :)

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