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Censored in Israel?

Maybe I’m misguided, but I couldn’t find a mention of the embarrassing ambassador in any of the Israeli news sites nor in their archives.

9 Responses to “Censored in Israel?”

  1. amit b. Says:

    I heard it on the radio a couple of times but havent really seen in neither on the tv nor in internet sites…

  2. Tal Rotbart Says:

    Funny, cause it made headlines all over the world…

  3. amit b. Says:

    btw, its really fun to see the headline guys having a blast with this story:
    “Diplomat stripped of post”
    “Envoy couldn’t work out the kinks”
    “Ambassador bound to get boot”
    “Undiplomatic ties cost drunk ambassador his job”
    “Who’s been a naughty ambassador then?”

  4. Adam Matan Says:

    Haaretz (Yesterday), All over the 11th page…
    I didn’t believe something would be more embarrassing than this fiasco:

  5. Sharon Says:

    i dont watch the news n’stuff (i’d rather waste my time on more fun tv), but i do recall running into it on some of the major news websites. here’s at least one link for you:

  6. Tal Rotbart Says:

    Adam – What happened with Ben Elisar?

    Sharon – Thanks, now I know why I couldn’t find it. I was looking for it by his name (צוריאל רפאל) which they have ‘neglected’ to mention, and by the country’s name in a different spelling- ‘אל סלוודור’.

    Amit – The newsdesk editors had a blast all over the world with this one ;-)

  7. Sharon Says:

    yeah, they didn’t mention him by name (for semi-obvious reason, i suppose, such as Israeli media’s hypocrisy…)

  8. Tal Rotbart Says:

    It was funny how many commenters in Ynet and Nrg were -aching- to know his name ;-)

  9. Adam Says:

    He (allegedly, of course… :-) ) died in a small hotel room with a companion not being his legal wife. Try google for the juicier details.

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