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Nine Inch Nails at the Metro, Melbourne

I wrote this post on the train, but for some reason my moblog software wouldn’t post, so I’m re-typing it here with some modifications ;-) I’m on the train back from the NIN show at the Metro – it was amazing! Really great energy in the air and an incredible venue. The Metro is a [...]

At the Nine Inch Nails album release party

‘Year Zero’ has been out for a week, but the release party for it in Melbourne which I’m writing this from is tonight. It is quite tame at this early hour, but I already scored a free copy of the album so I’m quite happy. The album has already been leaked on the net, by [...]

Amie St Music Store – A Very Positive Customer Service Experience

Some of you may have heard about Amie St, the online DRM-free music store that recently signed major artists (such as Barenaked Ladies, Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlan, Paul Van Dyk and others) to sell their music without any of the foolish DRM restrictions that the iTunes Music Store imposes on music bought there. Following the [...]