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Movember Rain

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Back in Melbourne

Home sweet home! ;-) Bookmark to:

I might be arriving tonight!

Just spoke to El-Al’s Bangkok office and they said that there is a good chance that I’ll be able to board the flight, so I’m going to grab brunch and head off to the airport. I’ll be in stand-by, but hopefully I’ll get on the flight. Hope to see some of you tonight ;p Bookmark [...]

A chip and a chair

Just came back from a lovely night with Meg and Gabe, which started with an amazing meal at a restaurant called the Red Lantern and ended with me tying a game at the PokerDome, winning $85 having re-built my stack from 125 in chips to most of the chips on the table. Truth be told [...]

All packed and ready to go

Flying out in 14 hours… Can’t wait! Bookmark to:

Some photos

All are taken from Jackie’s going away part three weeks ago.   Bookmark to:

Stupid, but fun…

I should have a category for that… What type of Fae are you? Time wasted thanks to Fa11ing Away… Bookmark to:

Itinerary update

I finally have a partially confirmed itinerary! Flight out of Sydney to Bangkok on the 30th of August, confirmed (finally) with British Airways. Flying out from Bangkok to Tel-Aviv on the 3rd of September (still on the waiting list) with El-Al flight LY084, due to arrive at 23:20 Israel time. I’m also on the waiting [...]

Nine Inch Nails at the Metro, Melbourne

I wrote this post on the train, but for some reason my moblog software wouldn’t post, so I’m re-typing it here with some modifications ;-) I’m on the train back from the NIN show at the Metro – it was amazing! Really great energy in the air and an incredible venue. The Metro is a [...]

My house from outside

Just one photo as the inside photos will wait until all the furniture are in place. But here is my house from the outside, click for a bigger picture: Bookmark to: