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Maven voice notifications on Mac OS X

A quick hack to get the ‘mvn’ Maven script to vocally notify ‘Success’ or ‘Failed’ when the build completes. I find it useful as it grabs my attention when I’m undertaking other tasks while the build is churning. Naturally the real solution is getting the build to run in seconds… Technical debt, thou art a [...]

DDD = ?

Mark Needham has a very interesting post regarding Domain Driven Design. One paragraph that caught my eye especially is: As Luis Abreu points out, I don’t think there is a precise definition of what DDD actually is but for me the essence of DDD is still the same as when I compared it with OO [...]

‘IT pays’ doesn’t pay

Picture this rather common scenario– You are in charge of a project for developing an internal application at a large brick-and-mortar company. Your target audience for the application are the employees of a critical business department (here on, Department X). The customer representative is the head of that department and is glad to be involved [...]

Selenium Test Tips

Selenium is an open-source test tool for web-based applications and sites. Unlike Canoo WebTest, Selenium actually utilizes the browser itself to perform the tests. Selenium has a Firefox extension that acts as an IDE for recording and editing test cases however there is a significant difference between running the tests in the IDE and running [...]

Rosenberg’s Law Rephrased

The publishing of Scott Rosenberg’s “Dreaming in Code” and the PR circle around it, has prompted Jonathan Rentzsch writing a post which criticizes one of Rosenberg’s main tenants — that ‘Programmers like to code’ — and suggests instead that ‘Programmers like problem solving’. Rentzsch goes on to claim that programmers’ urge to rewrite problematic legacy [...]

Some small points regarding Firefox 2.0 preview

I have been using it since this morning and overall, Firefox 2.0 preview seems to be an excellent upgrade so far. It feels much faster and very responsive. The session restore feature was hard to find because I was looking for the phrase ‘Session Restore’ in the preferences. However, in FF 2.0 you simply have [...]

Recursive Exporter for Adobe Illustrator

Whether working on my own or with a graphic designer, I believe in the holistic approach to design — you have to see how the design elements interact with each other. Most if not all designers would agree that it is less effective to tweak a widget’s design on its own without the ability to [...]

War story on why C&C management sucks

Joel Spolsky has another lovely article out titled, “The Command and Control Management Method“. While he hits the nail on the head for most of the article, I feel he misses one of the main reasons while C&C management does not work for software development teams. Actually, he misses one of the main reasons the [...]

Web applications vs. Web sites, Ruby on Rails and points in between

Ruby on Rails is rightfully gaining traction and respect right along with a rapidly growing developer community. This, due to its being the near-perfect match for developing its `home-turf’ software: database backed web site. However, as pleased as I am with RoR’s success, I’m beginning to note with apprehension as it is increasingly being used [...]

Google Spreadsheets + One Feature = Excel Killer

I’ve written the Google Lab’s spreadsheet team (through their feedback mechanism) with this suggestion but would like to share my idea here as well. Basically, I think there’s only one feature missing that would make Google Spreadsheets the complete Excel killer. What would make it truly an Excel killer is to allow one to reference [...]