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DDD = ?

Mark Needham has a very interesting post regarding Domain Driven Design. One paragraph that caught my eye especially is: As Luis Abreu points out, I don’t think there is a precise definition of what DDD actually is but for me the essence of DDD is still the same as when I compared it with OO [...]

Google Maps Street View April Fools

The ‘you are here’ person in Google Maps’ Street View is now a Panda, as this screenshot illustrates. I’m assuming this is an April Fools joke. I’m wondering if this is happening in the US version of Street View or only here in Australia. Bookmark to:

‘IT pays’ doesn’t pay

Picture this rather common scenario– You are in charge of a project for developing an internal application at a large brick-and-mortar company. Your target audience for the application are the employees of a critical business department (here on, Department X). The customer representative is the head of that department and is glad to be involved [...]

Tech Superstition

Excellent article about technological superstition by Jeff Raskin. Bookmark to:

The Story of Sergey Brin

Interesting piece describing Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s life, from a slightly Jewish perspective. via Digg. Bookmark to:

“I’m Skype-ing you from just over Iceland”

My father is now flying to the states and we had just finished speaking over Skype just as he was flying over Iceland. He had a chance to try out using the “Connexion by Boeing” Wi-Fi service on his Lufthansa flight. The service is unfortunately being terminated at the end of the year, so this [...]

More on Blue Security supposed compromised

Continued from my previous post, Richi from Richi’Blog analyzes this correctly, I think: Presumably a spammer has taken his list and “cleaned” it against the blue list, then done a diff? Like I say, I’m amazed it’s taken so long. Quite clearly this spammer has only sent this eMail to people that were already on [...]

Blue Security’s DB compromised?

I just got the following by eMail, does anyone know how correct this is and whether it actually indicates a compromise of Blue Security’s eMail database? From: GOLDEN HOLLINGSWORTH You are being emailed because you are a user of BlueSecurity’s well-known software “BlueFrog.” Today, the BlueSecurity database became known to the worst spammers worldwide. [...]