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Administrative stuff

Firstly, please don’t SMS me here unless it is important. It costs me almost $2 per SMS sent and received.

Secondly, to clarify any emails I may have sent — I’m arriving either on the 3rd, or the 6th of September, with El-Al flight LY84,  which lands at 23:20 at Terminal 3. I’ll let you all know here if I arrive on the earlier flight.

Bangkok, take III

Arrived late last night into the hot, humid and polluted swamp that is Bangkok. I don’t dislike this city, but I very much hope I can get on the earlier flight to Israel (3rd of September) because I seriously don’t know how I’ll spend the time here until the 6th. Its too little time to go to the farther islands by plane and it is not quite the season either. Someone recommended Koh Samet to me but even that relatively close island is a almost day of traveling each way.

I have found a nice day tour to a tiger park where I hopefully will get to play with cub tigers ;p… I’ll book it today probably. If I become their lunch then they’ll get a heart attack.

Tonight I’ll go check out the Bangkok weekend nightlife, should be a riot. Hope I’ll find fellow travelers to hang out with.


I’m not even within a week’s radius of landing in Israel and already I’m pissed at Israelis again.

Why? Because while sitting at the airport waiting for my flight I hear that every time they page for late passengers there are always Israeli names included, always. Do you realize how small the percentage of passengers are Israeli? Yet they are the star of the show when it comes to rampant disregard to anyone aside of themselves.

Passengers Vardi, Shavit, Egoz, Ronen and co., please get your lazy asses out of the duty free store and onto the bloody plane on time!

Waiting for my flight…

Sitting here in Sydney’s airport, waiting for my flight to board in about an hour and a half.  These days with Gabe were great, and I should definitely arrange to visit more.

Bangkok, here I come!

To be continued…

A chip and a chair

Just came back from a lovely night with Meg and Gabe, which started with an amazing meal at a restaurant called the Red Lantern and ended with me tying a game at the PokerDome, winning $85 having re-built my stack from 125 in chips to most of the chips on the table.

Truth be told I’ve had an amazing run of luck, but it was enjoyable. I was chip leader but agreed to split the total prize with the other person left on the table as it was getting late and I just wanted the game to end.

The funniest part is that with 125 chips when the blinds were at 600/300 I was ready to call it quits, but got convinced to stay by Gabe and two others which later in the game I took out (Gabe was out at that point). As Gabe said to me- as long as you’ve got a chip and a chair… :-)

All packed and ready to go

Flying out in 14 hours… Can’t wait!

Some photos

All are taken from Jackie’s going away part three weeks ago.

John, Jackie and me  John, Jackie and me Just me

“The Great Global Warming Swindle” – Swindle

The pseudo-science in Martin Durkin‘s “The Great Global Warming Swindle” which I’ve just watched on ABC tonight has been so rigorously debunked that I’m tempted not to even discuss it, but… The short of the counter-argument to his so called documentary is that the solar-radiance model of climate has been valid for most of the history of the world, but then a certain species, known as homo-sapiens, started pissing in its own back yard.

Durkin intentionally ignores the last twenty years or so of climate data, which shows a huge divergence between the prediction of the solar-radiance model (which predicts temperature reduction) and the actual data which shows a sharp increase in global temperature. We are in fact going through the warmest period of climate since man invented farming. Durkin conveniently terminates his graphs at 1988.

The scariest part lies in something that was mentioned in Durkin’s film as an argument against human produced CO2 as a cause of global warming– that the warming didn’t coincide with the post-war industrial boom.

This can hardly be accounted as an argument for his point of view, as climate effects often lag behind their causes by as much as several hundred years. Unfortunately for us the lag between carbon emission growth to temperature increase simply means that it might take us as many years or more between the time we finally hit the breaks on our carbon emissions to when we see the benefits, meanwhile we’re probably in for a hell of a ride. Literally.

As a side note, if anyone is interested, one of the prevailing theories of why we have only felt the effects of our emissions in the last twenty years is because the oceans were capable of absorbing a large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but we have since saturated them.

Stupid, but fun…

I should have a category for that…

What type of Fae are you?

Time wasted thanks to Fa11ing Away

Itinerary update

I finally have a partially confirmed itinerary!

Flight out of Sydney to Bangkok on the 30th of August, confirmed (finally) with British Airways. Flying out from Bangkok to Tel-Aviv on the 3rd of September (still on the waiting list) with El-Al flight LY084, due to arrive at 23:20 Israel time. I’m also on the waiting list for the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th just in case.

Returning by flight from Tel Aviv to Hong Kong on the 29th of September (wait-listed) and leaving Hong-Kong on the 1st of October (confirmed), arriving in the early morning of the 2nd of October back home in Melbourne…

Anyone know anyone at El-Al that can move things along on my 3rd of September waiting list? ;-)